Developing Your Online Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategies


So do you have a plan or not?

If you are like many of my clients, you have tried various things to increase your exposure to your potential customers. Many times, you spend money but really cannot gauge the results or see any information to prove you’ve spent wisely. If this is the case, you normally just give up or continue to waste money on solutions that may not be working effectively for you.

The market has been moving away from printed directory books and towards online indexes of information to assist the consumer to find the goods or services they want. Google, Facebook and other online companies provide marketing opportunities to reach out to these searching consumers. But are you ready to manage this? Is your website ready for this, or has your competitor done a better job in all the other aspects of preparing their website to be shown before yours?

A Plan is a Plan

What all businesses need is a business or marketing plan to be successful. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get one. It means your business needs to be evaluated on who you are, what your market is and who your competitors are. We can help you develop an annual marketing plan that includes various components. The mix and quantity of these components is going to be the result of taking your unique business and developing a unique plan for you. While some of the tactics and methods we employ will be industry standard , there are ever-changing aspects of what the search engines want to see that we must comply with to gain or maintain our rankings. We have experience in developing solid and winning marketing plans. Give us the opportunity to show you.