Email Options and Services

Face it, you can’t live without email.


You may as well make it easy to use!

When you host your website with us, we give you a wide variety of options for email. We provide a FREE basic email service to every hosted account, which gives you access to an unlimited number of email accounts and aliases. This basic service also includes webmail so you can check your mail on the road or from any browser.

We offer several solutions for advanced and group collaboration.

Since we are a Microsoft Partner, we can offer you and your company Microsoft Exchange. Exchange as a server product is the number one deployed messaging system with over 200 million users worldwide. The Exchange service offers access to numerous tools including (in order of popularity) email, calendaring, task management, contact lists and file storage. It also means you may also include apps and products with your service, like Office products i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook and others. We’re standing by to help you decide what your needs are and how to accomplish better communications with your co-workers and your customers.

Hosted Exchange simply mean the server is housed in a hosted environment, in some cases offering better performance, and in almost all cases, providing Exchange services at a lower cost.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange.

  • Least expensive way to host Exchange.
  • Includes virus and spam protection.
  • Easily share information outside of a local network.
  • Ample Mailbox of storage space and plans to grow.
  • Most efficient way to integrate mobile devices and sync everything.
  • Automatic backup and recovery (redundancy) included.

Email Filtering

Hosted Microsoft Exchange comes standard with email spam filtering but we also offer a separate service that will filter your existing email account if required.