Email Marketing

Trying to keep in contact with your customer?


You should, and you can… without annoying them.

Email coming from a known sender is normally welcomed by the recipient. Unless… you’re sending too often or you’re sending BLAH messages. Whether it is the look and feel of the email or the message itself, we can help you develop and deploy an email marketing campaign. We also help you capture new newsletter members by putting forms on your website and social media pages.

We provide email marketing solutions ranging from do-it-yourself programs to a managed database and distribution system.  We provide statistics on the successes of your campaigns so you can see where the messages are going, how many are read and who’s not interested any more.

Rest assured our system is compliant with all anti-spamming regulations.  We also give the list members an easy way to unsubscribe if that’s their choice. But let’s work towards getting them to stay and even recommend your list to their friends. We partner with several national companies to give you a reasonable cost to add to your online marketing plan.

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