Website Hosting

Where does your website live?


We have secure and affordable hosting.

Your hosting should fit your website. Too many companies just put you on a server with hundreds of other clients who may be slowing you down or worse – others may be spamming causing your server to be penalized or shut down completely.

Some companies put you on a server that has more resources than you actually need, therefore wasting your money.  We know exactly what your site needs and we assign you to one of our data-center servers. We own or lease entire servers for our clients, so we know exactly what’s going on with each and every client on any of our servers. This keeps our up-time rates high and our clients happy!

Notice anything weird?

If you do run into issues, problems or have any questions, feel free to call us. We are here to troubleshoot your account or answer your questions about website hosting and related services. We answer the phone when you call.  Novel idea, huh? No telephone trees or unconcerned call centers. Just us… 281-238-4719

Feeling insecure?

Well at least from a hosting standpoint we can help. We can install security certificates on your domain account to encrypt your website’s content which keeps the bad guys at arm’s length. There are several options in this area, so be sure to contact us with your questions.

When you sign up for our hosting packages, we guarantee you a LIVE person to speak with if you have any questions.  By the way, that person is ME, 99% of the time.  Yes, I answer the phone if you call. What did you expect?  Try it…  281-238-4719.

We provide multiple platform hosting for whatever your project needs are.  Our server admin is well versed in Linux and Windows, so let us know what your needs are. I’m sure we can configure a solution for you.

Give us the opportunity to WOW you…