Are you having a hard time deciding what to do with your online marketing program?

Don’ feel like you’re alone.

It can be confusing, particularly when the phone sales folks are sure you can’t live without their services.  Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin, Pinterest.. they can all potentially be good for your business.  Just make sure it’s a good and logical fit for you, your company and your budget.  Based upon your industry, you may have more or less need for one over the other.  The best way to determine your needs is READ and read some more.  Look at your competitors, look at parallel industries.  See what they are doing and evaluate for yourself is that makes sense for you.

There’s always a point that the money you spend is a value.  After that point, however, it becomes blood from your company.  Defining that point is not always easy.  Employ all your best efforts and go into this process knowledgeable ready to pull the trigger if needed.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to to talk to others in your industry or those in support capacities for your business.

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